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Kuramathi Island Resort – Maldives


Kuramathi Island Resort is located in Rasdhoo Atoll, which is a small group of only 5 islands.  They offer an all-inclusive package to make your holiday as relaxing as possible with very little to spend once you get there! The stunning views which we come to expect from the Maldives will have you wanting to keep going back again and again.

How to Get There

The Resort is 56km from the airport and all the transfers are done by the resort via seaplane.  You get an incredible birds eye view of the whole area before arrival.  It’s just a spectacular sight which gives you Goosebumps before your holiday has even started.

Best Times to Visit

The Maldives is sunny all year round so there isn’t really a bad time to go.  Great to fit around your plans!

Things to Do

What you would expect from any resort in the Maldives, you can relax as much as you want and take in the views and sunshine!  They also offer snorkelling lessons for you to take and provide all equipment. All the rooms in the resort offer wi-fi access, in-room safes and televisions (I wouldn’t spend much time inside watching T.V though, great though if you bring children and they’re demanding it!)

They offer a renewal of vows ceremony so this would be a great place for a special anniversary, as well as any other reason you would want to go to a hot, sunny, tropical climate!