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Paradise Island – Maldives



Paradise Island in the Maldives is a five start resort and its local name is Lankanfinolhu. There is plenty here for a nice relaxing cancellation holiday. There are restaurants located on the island and many other things to do, plus the view is something to behold in itself

How to Get There?

You will need to go from the main Maldives airport, which is called Male’s Hulhule and is an island of it’s own. From there the resort will sort you out a transfer to the island which is usually via a seaplane. Great adventure to start your getaway with that’s for sure

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The best time to visit will be something between May and October, you may experience some rain during your stay, but the prices are a LOT more reasonable for these times of year and with a cancellation holiday you’ll be able to grab yourself a right bargain! The rain clears up quickly and becomes bright sunshine soon after so it won’t spoil your holiday.

What is there to do there?

Anything you could expect from a luxury beach or island resort, there is scuba diving for the most adventurous people or perhaps surfing if you’re feeling energetic. Don’t worry, there are beginners welcome all the time at these places. If you just want to relax, well you’re on your own little island, so you can eat, drink and sunbathe all day long without any interruptions!






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