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Phi Phi Islands – Thailand



The Phi Phi Islands are between the island of Phuket and between the coast of Strait of Malacca on the mainland of Thailand. The islands became famous when used as a location of a film in the year 2000 called ‘The Beach’. One of the islands called Ko Phi Phi was hit by the tsunami in 2004 however this has all been restored now and is a great location to see.

How to Get There?

The islands are reachable via speedboats or other tour boats from most of the famous piers in Phuket. This is generally very cheap and is well worth a tour of them to see what Thailand has to offer! You can reach Phuket directly via their airport from most major airports.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The best time to go is in the dry, hot season which is between January and April where the temperature ranges from between 20-35°C. Avoid January and July as these are the wettest times, but the other months may offer you many potential chances for a cancellation holiday!

What is there to do there?

As with most beach resort type places there are a few things you can do that involve bright sunshine! You can go scuba diving and snorkelling in their fine, clear waters! There are many tour groups on the mainland that offer these classes and you can go even if you are a complete beginner. The islands are also loaded with great beaches and there are many other water sports activities, including kite surfing. If you’re after views we would definitely recommend going on one of the boat tours as you will see some amazing sights!

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.. ♥3


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