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The Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Australia

Great Ocean Road national park in VIctoria, Australia – at sunrise. Panoramic view from lookout towards 2 apostles

The Great Ocean Road is in Victoria, Australia.  It stretches for over 60 miles (100km) and if you wish to do the entire walk, it will take around a week!  Obviously, that’s not for everyone so there are many shortened ways to view the best spots.

How to Get There?

It is roughly a 2-hour bus trip from Melbourne so it is easily accessible for everyone.  You can hop on a bus or even a ferry for a more scenic route.  If you’re not near Melbourne, don’t fret.  They also have a nearby airstrip so you can fly in from other parts of Australia.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

There isn’t really a good or bad time, with it being Australia, the summer months are September through February.  But there are great views year-round.  Be sure to check local weather reports for any parts which may be closed during winter months due to bad weather, however this is quite rare.

What is there to do there?

There are many fantastic viewpoints, some of which you might not realise without a tour guide, or some prior research.  So, it is best to do your homework beforehand.  Some sections are more for hiking, so you may way to avoid them (or aim for them if hiking is your thing).  Some sections, such as the Aire River has no bridges, but it offers great views because of this!