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Sacred Uluru Rock – Australia



Uluru is one of Australia’s natural landmarks and is sacred to the Aborigine people. It is a sandstone formation with a height of 348m and a circumference of 9.4km. It is great to visit at dawn or sunset as it glows a far deeper red than during the day.

How to Get There?

You cant stay in the park as it is protected but surrounding the park there is an area called Yulara where you can stay. Admission to the park itself is $25.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

It is a hot desert climate there, so the best time to go is in the slightly cooler temperatures (even then it wont be cool). April is a good month and then from August to November, when in November temperatures reach up to around 35°C

What is there to do there?

For the more capable people you can climb to the top of the sandstone structure, although it is not recommended due to high winds, it is allowed. There are also walks led around the area by the native people to the area who will well inform you of its heritage.


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