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Sorrento, Victoria – Australia


Sorrento is in Victoria, Australia.  It’s a lovely place to visit all year round for the beaches, historic parts and they also have spectacular shopping for everyone!

How to Get There?

Sorrento is very easy to get to from Melbourne, it is only a 90-minute drive away and with new freeways and tollways being constructed it is getting easier and faster than ever to get there.  You can also catch a bus if you don’t want to do the driving.  It will add an extra 15-20 minutes onto your journey, but there are buses every 45 minutes (or every 75 minutes on the weekends).  For the latest bus timetables, head over to metlinkmelbourne.com.au so you’re not caught out.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

It’s a very comfortable temperate all year round, but the coolest temperatures are through the winter periods in Australia which are from May until August.  Anything outside of those times will be nice!

What is there to do there?

Sorrento Village has a shopping centre to cater for everyone.  There are also some historic sites to visit for those looking to learn a little bit while on holiday.  Of course, the main reason most people go is for the beautiful beaches!  There is a specific surfing beach as well so for those who love their water sports can definitely get their feet wet! (sorry for the bad pun…)