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Cambrian Hotel – Switzerland




This is an amazing hotel in Adelboden with stunning panoramic views of the Swiss Alps. It has won numerous awards for the food it serves and also offers an amazing bar, heated infinity edge pool which overlooks the Alps! It is a perfect retreat to go to for either the people looking for a cozy hotel in the alps and also skiers alike also love this place!

How to Get There?

It is a 45 minute drive from Bern and an hour and a half from Geneva, you can also get trains to here from a lot of major countries around Europe including, France, Italy and Germany

When is the Best Time to Visit?

It depends on what you want from your visit. If you’re looking for skiing, you want to go during the usual winter months. But if you want the nicer weather look to go earlier in the year. It should be noted though that peak months are July and August and will be very busy around this time (and more expensive).

What is there to do there?

There is a lot to do! Like we said above, during the winter months there is skiing and snowboarding, but other times of the year you can go cycling, hiking and there is also a golf course nearby. The hotel itself offers a spa, swimming pool, fitness center, games room and much more.


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