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Golden Horn Beach – Croatia


The Golden Horn Beach in Croatia is the more popular name of what is actually called the “Zlatni Rat” beach.  Its distinctive shape is obviously where it gets its name from and attracts tourists from around the world.  The Golden Horn beach is regularly in the top 10 beaches of Europe and for good reason!

How to Get There?

As it is located on the southern part of the Island Brac, the quickest way is to hop onto a ferry.  There are many regular ferry connections from all the nearby ports.  You could also take a bus or taxi, but the ferry is the most cost effective and most scenic way to get there!

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The usual European summer times apply here, June until August being the peak times!

What is there to do there?

Well there is obviously the usual beach goers who head here to soak up the sun rays!  But it is also very popular with windsurfers among other water sports, so if this is your thing, definitely give this a try!  There is also a self-service restaurant, cafes and parachute rides!