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Igloo Village – Finland


The Igloo Village as it’s commonly known is called the “Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort” and is in Finland.  People come here from all around the world for the views of the Northern Lights that can be viewed in a very unique way!  View them from the comfort of your bed with a glass topped igloo!

How to Get There?

There’s a couple of options, either to the Helsinki airport if you want to stay part of your trip in the capital as well.  Or if not, there is a closer airport, Ivalo.  This is a 30 minute shuttle ride to the Igloo Village.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The Glass Igloos are only open during peak season for viewing the northern lights.  They start around the end of August and are open until the end of April.  Anytime during this period is a great time to go.

What is there to do there?

There’s plenty of winter activities to do that are slightly out the norm!  How about snow mobile safaris, ice-fishing and husky hiking?

They also have a range of on-site facilities such as an ice-bar, saunas and a few restaurants.