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Troll Wall – Norway



The Troll Wall in Norway is part of a mountain within the Reinheimen National Park and is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, making it very popular with climbers from all around the world who come here for the challenge that it offers.

How to Get there

The easiest way to get here is from Oslo by train on the Rauma Railway. It passes right under the Troll Wall itself, but you will want to get off at the stop before at the Romsdalsfjord so you can experience everything fully.

When is the Best Time to Visit

Depending on what you want to see there, if you want the best snowy peaks for views, then the usual Europe winter months are great, be prepared for possible rain though! Between May and September are the best times for more mild weather and especially if you want to be doing some climbing, you will definitely need a dry period. The best time for that is July and August.

What is there to do there

Climbing, lots of it! Whether you’re a professional or amateur it doesn’t really matter. There are climbing lessons on all the time for the beginner which will be a great adventure. Or if you don’t want to climb at all, there are plenty of views for you to take in and you will want to take them in! You may see people doing some base jumping, but keep in mind that it is illegal to do so from here. So we wouldn’t recommend it (even if it was legal we still wouldn’t recommend it!)



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