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Tuscany – Italy

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Tuscany, Italy is one of the most stunning, picturesque places to see in Europe.  Located in Central Italy, the capital being Florence this is definitely a tourist hotspot for a quick getaway, or longer!

How to Get There?

If overseas, the easiest way to get there is to fly to either Pisa International Airport or some airlines fly to Florence Airport.  With the introduction of cheaper and cheaper budget airlines over the recent years, it is very reasonable to get here by air.  If you’d prefer there are also trains from a few different European cities.  Paris, Geneva and Munich being 3 of the most popular, be prepared for a train journey between 5-8 hours though.  There are buses you can catch that travel the distance, but they’re much longer and the price really isn’t worth it compared to train or flying.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Our top time to visit is between June and August.  Before and after these times, prices can rise by over 50% because of the major festivals that take place, so if you’re not going for a festival, avoid these times, you’ll have a much quieter and cheaper time with fantastic weather still to enjoy.

What is there to do there?

Without wanting to make this list too long as we could go on forever.  There is so much to do in Tuscany that you’ll never see it all! Whether you want to go sightseeing for all the beautiful landscapes, architecture or ocean views if you’re on the west side of Tuscany.  Or perhaps you’re taking a family holiday and want to educate your children, there are plenty of museums that are fun and interesting for people of all ages.

How about shopping?  Amazing shops and the classic sort of shops you can expect to find in Tuscany are Wine shops and their specialty of making leather goods such as handbags.  Lastly, as you would expect in Italy there are many fine restaurants to choose from to indulge in all of your favourite tastes!

Chianti landscape with bottle of wine in Italy