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Spitting Caves, Hawaii – North America

Photo by And Drink the Wild Air

The Spitting Caves in Hawaii are in Honolulu but they are not a mainstream tourist destination due to the danger they pose. However, we feel they are worthy of a mention due to their beauty, just be warned that cliff jumping, especially in this area can be dangerous.

How to Get There?

As we said they are in Honolulu and are located near a residential village at Lumahai Street.  There is a trail located close by and all the locals will be able to point you in the right direction.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Anytime really, the views are spectacular!  Sunrise is a particularly beautiful time to visit though.

What is there to do there?

As we said, this is more for the adrenaline junkies, so there is cliff jumping (dangerous), but it’s also well worth it for the views it offers and it’s natural beauty as it’s unspoilt by any manmade areas.